Letters of Renaissance Women

A Corresponding Renaissance: Letters Written by Italian Women 1375-1650 is an anthology of A Corresponding Renaissance55 letters of Renaissance women, translated into English.          BUY IT NOW


“This excellent anthology of Renaissance Italian women’s letters will be interesting and helpful to those teaching and researching women’s history: women’s letter-writing but also the many aspects of the lives of early modern women revealed in their letters, relevant to non-Italian as well as Italian women. The wide range of subjects and individuals covered will lend itself to making selections to complement other readings and other parts of a course.”–Renaissance Quarterly

“Lisa Kaborycha’s book will unquestionably be an outstanding teaching resource, particularly for undergraduates. Beyond that, the book succeeds in recapturing the enjoyment of this long-lost literary genre by compiling letters that are both interesting for their content and lucid in their English translation. It is, in short, a pleasure to read.”– European History Quarterly

A Corresponding Renaissance proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Italian women were remarkable writers and that their letters are invaluable entry points into the dynamics of patronage, family, religion, and politics during one of the most exciting periods of Italian history.”—Jane Tylus, New York University

“The translations are clear and readable and the introductory materials are superb, with just the right balance of biographical detail and historical context to bring these remarkable women to life. The topics range from domestic and personal to scholarly and political, and from the very brief and particular to the substantial and literary. This collection offers a vibrant introduction to the world of Renaissance Italy, and especially to the women and their lives.”—Ann E. Moyer, University of Pennsylvania

“Kaborycha’s translations are clear and engaging, her commentary precise, and the collection superbly assembled. This is a marvelous new resource for scholars and students alike.”—Margaret Meserve, University of Notre Dame

“There is no doubt that the selection of letters translated in A Corresponding Renaissance will spur students and scholars alike to a renewed examination of these early modern women and of the Renaissance art of epistolography.”—Meredith Ray, University of Delaware

“The range of topics is excellent and the thematic focus of each chapter is clearly and usefully presented. The choice of letters will permit students to look into several areas of women’s cultural and social lives, as well as their purely intellectual concerns.”—Margaret King, City University of New York

“Kaborycha’s creative choices make this text eminently useful for courses in Italian Renaissance history, women’s history, Italian literature, or gender studies in early modernity.”—Julia Hairston, University of California, Rome Study Center

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