Camilla Erculiani

Camilla Erculiani Greghetti (also Herculiana or Ercoliani Gregetta c.1540-1590?) was one of six children of Paduan merchant Andrea Greghetti. In the early 1560s she married the apothecary Alovisio Stella and the couple had at least one child. Alovisio died sometime between 1568 and 1572 and Camilla was married a second time to an apothecary, Giacomo Erculiani, with whom she had five children; Giacomo died in 1605. Though she was not active in the apothecaries’ guild, she is defined as an apothecary (speciala) in the title of her collection of Letters on Natural Philosophy, published in 1584.

Camilla Erculiani letters natural philosophy



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